Oxford Tea Party Questionnaire

I am honored to have the opportunity to have taken part in the endorsement process on behalf of Tea Party Oxford. The following questionnaire are the parameters in which they will decide. I encourage your comments & feedback.


Doug Jones

What was the primary reason you chose to seek election as Representative?
As a father, I cannot sit back & watch Mississippi deteriorate from the inside out. As it stands right now, my children‟s future is at stake. Education, jobs & tax rates are spiraling out of control. With an ever encroaching Federal government, the people are eager for a Representative, not another politician.

Briefly describe the duties & responsibilities of a Representative in State Legislature.
Ultimately, the duty of a Representative is to serve the people, not special interest groups or their own pocketbook. A Representative is elected by the people to enact legislation according to State sovereignty, abolish rules & regulations that overstep the authority of the Constitution.

What do you see as the primary responsibility of a Representative?
To act as the people‟s first line of defense & stand between them & a runaway government who is overreaching their authority.

What do you consider to be your strongest qualification(s) to hold the office as Representative?
First, I‟m not a politician. I possess good common sense & believe it would be unethical to allow lobbyists & special interest groups to affect my voting decisions. My voting decisions will be based on the will of the people.
If elected, what legislation do you intend to introduce and / or support as Representative?
I support true transparency in government & upholding Mississippi‟s Tenth Amendment Rights. I will support or introduce legislation in that all issues must be voted on separately. No more hiding tax increases and / or pork within a House Bill & no more legislative “bundling”.

You determine to run for office as a Republican, what was your primary reason for seeking this political party‟s nomination?
I chose the Republican Party because they‟re supposed to stand for limited government, lower taxes, job creation, & a strong National Defense.

What positions endorsed by your party of choice, the Republican Party, in its national platform do you most strongly support & why?
Our liberty hinges on a strong National Defense. Without our security, there is no Freedom.

What positions endorsed by your party of choice, the Republican Party, in its national platform do you most strongly oppose & why?
Compromising with Liberal Democrats. One cannot compromise with wrong.

What is your age & educational background?
39 years old. The people are tired of politicians, they want a statesman. Voters are not interested in a candidate with a pedigree, but a Representative who will stand up & put a stop to Liberal legislation ruining Mississippi.

Tell us about your involvement in community, civic, and / or church activities
I‟m a member of Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church where I perform with the choir & serve on the Youth Committee. I take great satisfaction representing our church where I‟m a board member with „Convoy of Hope‟. Moreover, I‟ve recently received my EMR license, further serving our community with Mt. Mount Olivet Fire Department.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the State of Mississippi overall which must be dealt with in the upcoming legislative session & how do you propose to address this issue?
As industry moves overseas & more jobs are lost, Mississippi‟s future lacks economic development. Lowering taxes & offering incentive to industry, Mississippi will create a business friendly environment.

What do you believe is the most pressing fiscal issue facing the state of Mississippi & how do you propose to address the same in the upcoming election?
The most pressing fiscal issue is robbing Peter to pay Paul. In order to limit debt creation for future generations we must limit the issuing of frivolous Bonds. Furthermore, we must strengthen Mississippi‟s Tenth Amendment Rights for the upcoming onslaught of Obamacare.

What do you believe is the most pressing social issue facing the state of Mississippi & how do you propose to address the same in the upcoming election?
Although there are many pressing issues, one of my top priorities is child support. Thousands of deadbeat parents are walking around carefree, while neglected children are suffering. 70% of children who do not receive overdue child support end up dropping out of school. Studies have shown in upwards of 80% of our prison populations are high school drop outs.

Tea Party Oxford has called for an across the board reduction in government spending (with the exception of the Military) at all levels by at least 10%. If elected, will you support this position in the upcoming legislation?
Would you support a requirement that all persons receiving governmental assistance of any type be required to pass a drug screen in order to qualify to receive such assistance and also submit to random periodic drug screens for as long as they continue to receive such assistance? Please explain your reasoning for supporting or opposing this position.
Yes. This issue is important & has been part of my platform from the beginning of my campaign. If you can afford to buy drugs, you can afford to buy groceries & keep your lights on. I believe in a hand up, not a hand out.

What is your position regarding the upcoming “Personhood” Amendment? Please explain your answer.
A good start, but it does not go far enough. Life begins at conception. America tried to justify the genocide of Native Americans, & it took over a hundred years to admit wrong doing. Since Roe versus Wade, more than 53,000,000 million children have been murdered through abortion, anywhere else in the world, this would be considered genocide.

What is your position in regard to Voter ID? Please explain your response.
I strongly support Voter ID. I must show an ID for everything from employment to driving a car. Naturally, we should have to prove our identification when we vote.

How do you believe the State of Mississippi should address the issue of Illegal Immigration? Please explain your answer.
Mississippi shouldn‟t have to do anything, illegal is illegal. The Federal government has the responsibility to enforce our borders. Any employer found guilty of hiring illegal aliens will receive a mandatory six months in jail. Moreover, under no circumstance should illegal aliens be eligible for healthcare, welfare, education, or food assistance.



In Case You Missed It:
Democrat Warner McBride Abandons Re-election Campaign

Republican candidate Doug Jones agrees
it is time for fresh, new ideas in Jackson

“State Rep. Warner McBride retiring from Mississippi House,” The Associated Press (April 19, 2011)

COURTLAND — State Rep. Warner McBride, a Democrat from Courtland, has announced he will not seek re-election this year. McBride has been in the Mississippi House since 1992. He has been chairman of the Transportation Committee for four years.

Doug Jones, a Republican candidate in the Mississippi House’s 10th District, has issued the following statement: “I would like to thank Warner McBride for his many years of public service. I agree – it is time for some fresh new ideas in Jackson. As a blue-collar worker, I realize the burden of ever increasing costs from gasoline to groceries. As a former business owner, I understand the burden placed on small businesses by the intrusiveness of government regulation. I can identify the need to create jobs, drastically reduce taxes, and elevate our public school system.”

Jones is a native Mississippian, from Batesville, and is a member of the Mt. Olivet Methodist Church. Jones is also a firefighter with the Mt. Olivet Fire Department.

Authorized by Doug Jones, candidate for Mississippi House 10th District



I’m a working man, just like you, I understand the day to day struggles of small business. Just like a business cannot operate without money, this campaign cannot either. With more money a business can improve their products and services, while hiring more employees.

The Mississippi Republican Party has the opportunity to gain control of the House of Representatives. The 10th District seat, currently held by Warner McBride, is a valuable opportunity to restore our Christian, Conservative values. In order for me to bring my Republican message to more voters, we need all the help we can get. The more funds we raise, the more we will be able to spread the word throughout the 10th District.

Once I’m elected, I have no intention of leaving my current employer; my run for the 10th District seat has nothing to do with power and prestige, it has everything to do with the people, I will not forget the working Mississippian, I will always vote in the best interest of the people.

In closing, if I do not fulfill everything I tell you I’m going to do, you as the voter have the obligation to vote me out.

Thank you for all your help and support.


Many thanks to all of you for your continued support and good wishes regarding my Republican candidacy for Mississippi Tenth District House of Representatives. I encourage your comments, participation and feedback.

Please take a moment to register your email address and visit me on FaceBook and Twitter so I may keep you informed of the latest news in Mississippi’s Tenth District.

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